If you come down to the woods today....

No more procrastination

The times for talking about Strapped was over and, if we were going to launch in time for Easter we HAD to have some pictures of the products. So, sporting an SLR with more buttons and dials than we knew what to do with, a handful of belts and the flattest tummies we could summon, we headed into the woods for our first ever handmade leather belt photo-shoot.

This isn't weird

Our lovely flat tummied friends knew us well but having a camera pointing at your midriff isn't the easiest way of spending a Sunday morning and, as we were shooting on a public path, we got some very odd looks from the twitchers (an English word for Bird Watchers!) and cyclists who went past. Our beautiful woods behind the house, in the heart of the New Forest National park, were the perfect setting for showing off our handcrafted products and when our beautiful 'models' needed to swap outfits, nipping behind an old oak tree provided the perfect changing room.

A Great Result

Despite the novelty of the experience we all perservered and are really pleased with the fantastic results. I think you'll agree they show how our bespoke belts will look fabulous with any outfit and in every situation. Your 'Belt for Life', made to measure with the finest English tanned leather, will provide you with a truly special accessory for whatever outfit you choose to wear.

Want to see more of the cracking pictures we got on this shoot? Just check out the belts on our store, Facebook page or on Instagram

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