Your belt will be custom made for you, so it's important that you give us the right size when you order.


The size you order will not be quite the same as your trouser or clothing size. Instead, this will become the length from the end of the belt (not including the buckle), to the middle hole, as shown in the graphic below. This should give you a perfect fit, but also gives you some leeway, with holes either side to expand or shrink… depending on your where your adventures take you!

You can find this size in one of two ways. Firstly, and by far the best way, is to measure a belt you already have and that fits you well - measure from the end of the leather (not including the buckle) to the hole you wear it on, as shown in the graphic above.


If you don’t have an existing belt to hand, don’t worry! Simply measure around your waist or hips (wherever you wear your belt) and add on an additional 2 inches. Measure on your skin, beneath any clothes.


Voila! Your perfect leather belt.


If you’re still not sure or have some non-standard requirements then please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss. After all, each belt is made individually for you.